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About Us

“Our reputation is our obligation”

Over 25 years of experience
in the area of
Road freight transport

Frigoexpres performs domestic and international road freight transports for any kind of merchandise requesting refrigerated transport. In time, we grew, broaden the range of services provided, and the experience acquired during all that time now allows us to offer to our clients dedicated road freight transport services. We have highly qualified staff, a modern vehicle fleet and the entire necessary logistics for being able to provide the best solutions in the transport area.

We take great pride in our work being praised

Short history

Frigoexpres SA is a pioneer on the market of temperature-controlled transport in Romania and has an experience of over 25 years in this area.
  • Opening the business facility in Bihor - 1965

    “FRUCTEXPORT” Foreign Trade Company of Bucharest opened a business facility with 10 refrigerated trucks for international road freight transport of vegetables and fruits, located at I.L.F. Bihor.
  • 1979 - Oradea Depot Extension

    Oradea Depot is extended by parking, maintenance shop, repair and office investments amounting to Lei 12,000,000, while reaching 100 trucks.
  • I.T.I.A Oradea becomes Frigoexpres - 1992

    I.T.I.A. Oradea turns its name to “FRIGOEXPRES” (trade mark) and a full restructuring takes place, while considering the newly appeared market conditions.
  • 1993 - Frigoexpres was incorporated

    Completing the share transfer process from the state to the new owners. That was the beginning of the first international road freight transport company of perishable merchandise in Romania having fully-private capital.
  • Motor vehicle fleet expansion - 1998-2004

    The vehicle fleet structure changed and the company owned 210 VOLVO trucks
  • 2005-2007 - Modernization and expansion

    During 2005 – 2007, strategic partnerships were concluded with well-known clients and the vehicle fleet increased to 400 trucks.
  • Activity reorganized - 2011

    Then followed the activity and motor vehicle fleet reorganization. Twenty Volvo trucks were purchased.
  • 2015 - Logistics investments

    Five Scania trucks were purchased, as well as NEXUS GPS Tracking high performance truck tracking device placed in each truck.

Frigoexpres în cifre

  • 25
    Years of Experience
  • 140
  • 120
  • 637
    Partners and Collaborators
  • 1547
    Satisfied Customers
  • 13789
    Orders annually Honored

We chose to invest in people.Frigoexpres Team

We chose to invest in people because they are behind the services we provide and they create performance for your deliveries. We have a tight team coordinating all processes, thus that your merchandise arrives to the destination on time, safely and in exchange of an optimized cost.

Frigoexpres is member of

1. TRANSFRIGOROUTE INTERNATIONAL professional organization, member of the Presidency of TRANSFRIGOROUTE in Brussels in year 1993.
2. UNTRR (National Union of Romanian Road Freight Transport Companies).
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