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Career Opportunities

the Frigoexpres team

No matter how different we are, we all want a career to complete our lives. Join the Frigoexpres team! We permanently try to meet our clients’ needs with professional and effective solutions. For that, we permanently ensure ourselves that the selection and recruitment process observes the equity and respect principles before the candidates interested in the positions available within Frigoexpres.
Thus, we want to provide to all candidates a special recruitment experience and to support them for making the optimal decisions in connection to their next career steps. We invite you to register in the Frigoexpres data base. We will contact you for future employment opportunities.

We are waiting for your resume/CV at the email address frigoexpres@frigoexpres.ro

Recruitment and selection process

The recruitment and selection process within the company involves the next steps:
Register your resume/CV in our database by using the form above. That on the spot application allows you to be the first to find out about the new career opportunities within the company and to be invited to participate in the recruitment and selection process.

The resumes/CVs will be analyzed and assessed by the Recruitment experts. That phase is the selection of candidateship matching the requirements indicated by the recruitment advertisements. One of the main selection criteria is the candidate’s potential to evolve within the Group. If it matches the wanted profile, he or she will be immediately considered within the open recruitment processes.

The first interview will be with the Recruitment expert. You will have the opportunity to present your experience and prove your skills by providing relevant detailed examples. Be honest when you mention your assets because you will have to prove them later on. For you, that meeting might be the right time for evaluating the organization and understanding what the position to which you applied and were selected actually is. As consequence, the interview is an excellent opportunity to get to know and evaluate each other.
Based on the vacant positions, next to the interview we employ at least one additional assessment method. It will be chosen by the recruitment team together with the employer manager and has the purpose of assessing your skills by comparison to the necessary competence for holding a particular position.

The final interview will be with the manager that coordinates the position and the division manager, according to the position level. The purpose is to get to know in detail the skills and knowledge you have and to ask anything you want to know about the job, team, projects and personal and professional devilment possibilities.

We want that your relationship with Frigoexpres to be strong and to rely on trust and transparency. During that phase, we will submit the employment offer and if you agree with it, the selection process will end. Even if you did not make it to the end of the recruitment process, please be assured that after you went through our evaluation process, we will contact you for informing you of the decision we made and for giving our feedback in connection to your test results.

Frigoexpres is member of

1. TRANSFRIGOROUTE INTERNATIONAL professional organization, member of the Presidency of TRANSFRIGOROUTE in Brussels in year 1993.
2. UNTRR (National Union of Romanian Road Freight Transport Companies).
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